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Titanic Q&A: 100+ Fascinating Facts for Kids


Discover 100+ awesome, kid-friendly facts about the Titanic—perfect for ages 8 to 12!

Set a course for high-seas adventure with this big book of fun facts about the Titanic—from its construction to its launch to its final disastrous moments. Unlike other Titanic books for kids, Titanic Q&A reveals loads of little-known details about the maiden voyage of this doomed ship that struck an iceberg in 1912.

From what it cost to be built to why it went down so quickly, this captivating companion within Titanic books for kids will answer all of your burning questions about the Titanic—its crew, its cargo, its wealthy passengers, and beyond. Let’s cast off and get this historic exploration underway!

This standout among Titantic books for kids features:

***100+ Facts!—Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Titanic, and more!
***Your questions, answered—Test your nautical knowledge on interesting Titanic topics, from myths to statistics.
***Fantastic fun—Cool content and a colourful fact-packed layout will keep you entertained for hours—it’s a must-have title in Titanic books for kids.

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Lessons: 3 Lessons

Term: Term 2

Genres: Historical Science

$35 per lesson

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Term 2, 2021

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