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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question? No problem, we have some of the common questions listed here.

Beyond Books focuses on providing online interactive reading courses for students in year 2-12. 

Our goal is to create a learning environment for students to learn the essence of award winning literature and other genres' books. 

Our program will not only help students improve their academic performance,  but also develop their critical thinking , creative thinking and social skills. 

Read: The ability to read is the most basic and important ability for all students. It helps them to set the foundation for all subjects. 

When children have poor reading comprehension abilities, it is hard for them to solve complex math problems. That does not necessarily mean they do not know how to solve the problems, but it may be that they just do not understand the wording of the problems.

Think:  The  characters in good books not only open a child's personal vision, but also play as spiritual role models for children. Reading nurtures the children's ability to process information and think independently, rather than being a follower.

Talk: Our small class setting helps developing each child's speaking ability. The content-based discussion during classes allows them to speak more intelligently and leads to excellent social and leadership skills.

Write: The writing tasks after each lesson is book content-based. It improves students' writing skills as well as the depth of the writing.

As a parent, if you 

  • Have difficulty choosing suitable level of books for your child
  • Don't have  time to read and discuss books with your child
  • Feel incapable  to discuss more details about the books with your child

Our reading program not only helps you to solve the above problems, but also provides your child with opportunities to make friends who love reading.

 In our program ,students are taught by using our  "reading, thinking, talking, writing" approach and are encouraged to develop  passion for reading and to improve their ability to express ideas , and to think critically and  creatively, etc.

Our course design team: This team is formed by teachers with  years of teaching experience. They design the course contents for each book  according to Australian and other English speaking countries' curriculum.

Our tutoring team: our tutors are elite universities students  in Australia . Their  ATAR score ( University entrance exam)  is at least 90+  with English at 40+, well above the average score of 70 in Australia.

Our tutors have excellent communication and engaging skills. 

Our elite team  selects books suitable for children of every grade and age . Most of books are award winning books. Our book list covers different genres, such as  Literature, Science, History, Math, etc 

Students are required to complete reading the assigned books independently before their classes start. During the classes, students are expected to actively participate in group discussion facilitated by our tutors. 

During classes, students will learn writing  and literary appreciation methods,  discuss relevant social , historical background and implications to develop a deep understanding of the texts.

The tutor will also explain the students' writing tasks in class. 

It is also a good time to learn from peers during the classes. 

We encourage parents to buy hard copies for their children if possible, or borrow books from library.


Buy eBooks is another option. If children are get used to eBooks, we recommend them to use Kindle (Paperwhite Waterproof eReader 8GB, available in Officeworks @$199) for better reading experiences.


If you can not get the book needed on time, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

While the books are suited to the students’ reading level, there will naturally be a few new words in the text.


An independent reader usually would guess the meaning of the unknown words, or simply skip the unknown words and move on.


Most parents come well-equipped with the “just sound it out” method for young readers. If parents read together with their children, they read out the new words, enabling children to learn new vocabulary.


As we want comprehension to be at the forefront, we do not encourage children to check the dictionary while reading as pausing too long on one word interrupts the flow of reading comprehension,

In each lesson, the tutor will explain the requirement of the homework. Please be sure to send the homework to the designated email address before the next lesson begins.


In the next lesson, the tutor will provide comment and feedback to each student's homework, and analyze which areas the students did well in and areas of improvement. The aim of the homework is to improve the students’ writing capabilities.

Reading courses for Year 2- Year 12

We offer reading courses for different grades from Year 2 – Year 12. The books selected are not only those that have won world famous literature prizes, but also those that are deeply loved by students of the same age.


Each book is divided into 2 to 4-hour reading lessons, with weekly sessions. Reading good books is like eating a meal every day for the healthy growth of young bodies. Make sure that your child spends at least 30 minutes each day in order to ensure the healthy growth of your child's IQ, EQ and SQ.


Intensive reading courses at different reading levels

Intensive reading courses at different reading levels are designed to build a good foundation for students' reading comprehension and to improve their reading comprehension skills.

There are nine lessons in each level of the course; these lessons are introduced whenever requested.

Intensive reading course, like adding nutrition to meals, can help children improve their reading comprehension and enhance their ability to analyze good books in depth.


Golden writing courses for all grades

Our writing courses for grade 10, grade 8/9, grade 7, grade 5/6, and grade 3/4, received many good comments from students and parents. These courses are taught by our best tutors, introduce in-depth technical writing skills and various exercises. Students really love and enjoy writing through these courses.

Other courses

Our history courses, science courses, brain development courses, Python courses and so on for different grades are highly praised by our students.

Yes, our courses are all online interactive live courses.

At present, we use Zoom as the platform, we will send guidance to the parents when a new student joins us.

Our curriculum runs from grade 2 to grade 12. No matter what grade your children are enrolled in, the most important thing is to complete or finish at least half of the assigned book before the lesson begins, so that she or he can get the most out of the course.


Each book has two classes per week, and each class has a maximum of 5 students. Each student is guaranteed to have full interaction. The tuition range is $30-$45/ hour, depending on the grade and tutor.


If students are absent, we can provide video lesson for students to watch later on.


After the trial class, if you and your child is happy to go ahead, your child is welcome to join the class formally, and to pay the tuition fee either by book or by term.


If the student cannot attend a lesson due to her/his own reason, the fees cannot be refunded.

Of course, your child is more than welcome to join for a trial lesson.


The trial lesson fee is AUD35 to AUD80 per lesson depending on the grade and tutor.

When your child joins our reading academy, we test the students’ reading proficiency. According to the reading level and grade of the students, the appropriate reading level is recommended.


Students need to be able to read the books assigned at the corresponding course level. (If you or your child are not sure whether your child is in the right reading level, please contact us and we will send you a link to read the first chapter to see if your child is in the right reading level required for this course.)

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